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Wave Collector

Bill Meek

Torch of Gold

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Bill Meek


Bill Meek


Bill Meek


Bill Meek


Bill Meek

Gold Pendulum

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Glass Sculptures

        Studio Photography hot glass sculpture glass sculpture metal sculpture tabletop styled sets fine renderings

Similar to Hot Glass Photography, glass sculptures are very challenging. The cold

glass art tends to have alot more reflective facets, dicroic colors that need to show.

These pieces range from 18 inches tall, to 12 foot tall and 10 foot wide. Bill Meek

creates the majority of work in this category. We have shot photos of his work on

white to black backgrounds, presenting the best environment for each unique

sculpture. He has been so pleased over the years, with the consistency, clarity,

impact, and style, that shows his work coherently, that he cleared out all of his

sculptures from his art gallery , in Wimberley, TX, and is now showing 150, 13x19

inch, framed Photograph's, of all his sculptures that I have photographed & mixed

it with location images of some of his larger installs, that I imaged as well. This idea

worked well for Bill, it allowed him to gain the best exposure for the art in his

gallery, by moving it to his best selling gallery spaces around the country. It freed

up a lot of space in the gallery. He also keeps 10 current 8x10 photo albums